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Ronald Saff, M.D.
What is a clinical trial?
Clinical trials, like the ones offered at the Allergy & Asthma Diagnostic Treatment Center are supervised research studies on preliminary medications. Each of our studies aims to conquer a specific question posed by pharmaceutical companies and the efforts of our research patients aids the new drug evaluation and refinement process. 
Why participate?
There are plenty of reasons to participate in a clinical trial with us at the Allergy & Asthma Diagnostic Treatment Center! Because you are enrolled in a clinical study, you are extended benefits that we only provide our research patients. You receive all physical exams, study medication, doctors visits, and a stipend to compensate you for your time. In addition, you are furthering medical research and helping others with similar medical conditions.
What are your rights?
Patients in clinical research trials are entitled to know:
  • All of the information about the risks and benefits
  • The length of time the study and its visits will take
  • Our and the pharmaceutical's expectations of you during the study
  • You are also given the right to ask questions or voice your concerns at any time.

You may withdraw your consent to participate at any time.​
What is informed consent?
An informed consent is a document we ask you to look over and sign after being fully aware of the risks and benefits of our clinical trial. The informed consent does not allow the research coordinators, primary investigator physician or the manufacturer of the drug to forgo standard patient care protocols. Beyond your signature on key forms, you will be asked questions to ensure that you have been informed about the trial before your participation. You should only give consent after careful thought about whether or not you wish to participate in the clinical trial.